Ever since my earliest memories I remember I used to watch the Tom and Jerry show with keen interest. This grew my interest in cats, somehow. Considering my love towards animals, my parents brought me a cute fur baby and I named her Tom as well. So you can say that I grew up having pets in my home. Animals have always been my first love, be it a cat, a dog ,a parrot or a donkey. They seem to be my stress relievers whenever I feel down. I think there cant be anything more cute than them. They cant speak up but they will show their affection towards you, they cant tell you their needs but will catch your attention towards their problems. Unconditional love is what we all look and crave for, we can often fail to find that in humans but an animal never fails to show you their immense love and affection regardless of anything.

They don’t complain you if you haven’t give them their fav food, they do not get mad if you leave them alone at home for long hours instead they’ll be waiting for you patiently at the door and the moment you arrive they’ll jump in happiness and would end up curling themselves onto your lap. Unlike humans, animals never judge you, they love you for who you really are. They don’t care if you are rich or poor, beautiful or an average looking person they’ll always be wagging their tails out of love and staring at you with their cute little eyes. Animals are not so demanding they don’t require you to go out of the way for them or want expensive things. All they want is your immense love, few belly rubs or a pat on their had and they are good to go around the house purring all day.

It is said that “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This is actually so true because until and unless you haven’t experienced a loving bond between an animal and yourself, you don’t really understand how precious those feelings of being loved by a cute creature are. They always make you feel important and are always there to hear you, even if you had a bad day at work you’d be having your furry friend back at home who’s happy to see you and to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Studies show that while we are around our pets, our brains release chemicals that trigger relaxation. This sums up why we feel happy and contented around animals and why do we have the urge of loving them exceptionally . Animals also tend to be more protective towards you once they have chosen you as their human. They love you as much as you love them and there’s never any doubt of getting betrayed by them. Often I feed any stray dog or cat that comes to my house and all that they need is some food and never ending love.

Sometimes when I have to travel, I have to leave my recent pet, kitty, on boarding. Just like our children cant live without us he also ends up losing so much of his weight , he misses his home and his family a lot that he gives up eating but as soon as I pick him up he know that he is reunited and forgets everything in a while. We can see their innocence and vulnerability are what makes us want to love them. They always end up forgiving people even who treat them badly.

Given every one of these contemplations, it’s easy to understand why a few of us appear to incline toward cute animals over people. Therefore, one should always keep a pet in order to explore the needs within us and to discover the happy sides of ourselves as animals touch the most intimate parts of our hearts.




Someone who loves to express through her writings.

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Nayab Farid

Nayab Farid

Someone who loves to express through her writings.

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